Smarter Telematics from Microlise – mlogistics

Various optional enhancements have been added to the Microlise range of vehicle telematics and tracking systems.

Among them is contextual speed tracking. Every time a tracked vehicle reports into the Microlise Fleet Performance system, the system looks up the posted road speed for that stretch of road, and compares it to the speed reported from the vehicle. Infringements are flagged.

The company says users of this feature have reduced speeding infringements by up to 90%.

Microlise has also added the ability to track harsh cornering to its existing ability to monitor harsh braking. It does this without the need for an accelerometer by sampling vehicle location at a very high rate (many times a second) and deriving lateral g-force readings based on the rate of change of heading.

The company’s MTU3 on-board computer delivers an alert if the lateral g-force exceeds the figure pre-set in the vehicle’s profile.

A feature currently limited to trailers with the Knorr-Bremse EBS electronic braking is the ability to pass a roll-over warning to the Microlise system.

Also included in the latest range of enhancements is forward-facing camera integration based on the SmartWitness system.

Featured in Issue 57 September / October 2012 – mlogistics