Product Insight: Microlise Benefits Realisation

While not strictly a product, this month we wanted to focus our insight on the benefits realisation team here at Microlise. It’s a service available to all of our customers, delivered by our dedicated and experienced team of experts who have been involved with hundreds of projects.

The technology is in place right now for transport operators to improve the customer experience, cut costs, boost asset utilisation and reduce emissions. But we understand that telematics and transport management solutions are not a silver bullet and in order to succeed, transport service providers must be ready and willing to embrace change.

Any implementation needs to be wrapped up in a comprehensive change management and communication plan. Having clear management goals and measurable project objectives is key.

But managing this process is not necessarily straight forward and that’s where our benefits realisation team comes in. They are a resource for you and your team to ensure the best possibility of success.

There are a number of things your organisation should do before the first nugget of data is even looked at; including knowing who the most important stakeholders inside the company are, making sure key processes are ready to be changed and understanding what the priority objectives are.

Making sure that any new system evolves as your business does is equally important as the timely realisation of benefits. Reducing operating costs should be priority number one, from day one. Success will involve an on-going process of measurement, review and action which the benefits realisation team will help you to put in place.

Creating a strong vision and giving smart, clear and measurable objectives early is key to success. As is the identification of any potential risks that will jeopardise the introduction of new systems and processes.

Our benefits realisation team has been set up to work closely with your team to maximise return on investment from day one. It’s there to help train system users, review how new technology is being used and recommend how further benefits can be made.

They also assess new product features and liaise with you about on-going improvements and upgrades. It means your solution continues to grow and develop, giving you the confidence that you’re taking advantage of the most advanced and up-to-date features and modules available.

I hope this sneak peek at what the benefits realisation team does has been useful.