Microlise Launches New Multi-Camera Solution for Fleets with Full Telematics Integration

Telematics and transport technology provider Microlise has launched a new feature rich multi-way camera product which seamlessly integrates with its telematics offering.

The product looks set to disrupt the fleet camera market by making next generation technology accessible for more fleets. It enables operators to reduce risk and insurance costs, encourage good driving behaviour, improve safety and protect drivers against fraudulent claims.

Capable of recording up to four high definition video streams simultaneously and with over the air software updates, the configuration of each camera is flexible, with several options to best suit operators’ needs.

Footage from the cameras is recorded by a secure Digital Video Recorder installed inside the vehicle, which is linked to a Microlise telematics unit. Video clips are transferred over the mobile network when requested and just one SIM is required, meaning a single airtime contract for tracking, telematics and the camera solution.

Full integration with Microlise Fleet Performance telematics makes it possible to review video from any section of a vehicle’s route, in context, via the Microlise online user interface. Video clips can be rapidly downloaded in low resolution first to save time, enabling operators to quickly identify which section of a route is needed in high definition.

“Our new camera solution has some of the very best functionality on the market – yet we are delivering it at an extremely competitive price point,” said Matthew Hague, Executive Director – Product Strategy, Microlise. “Our aim is to make it possible for more fleet operators to deploy next generation camera technology by making a more attractive value proposition than currently exists on the market. We’ve been able to achieve this by sharing technology already in use in our telematics hardware.”

Cameras help fleets to control costs by making it easier and faster to comprehensively understand liability and file First Notification of Loss with insurers.

The Microlise multi-camera solution is designed to make this possible and deliver peace of mind with notifications to alert users when a download is complete and health checking functionality to monitor the operational status of all camera units in the fleet.

“We’ve worked very hard to deliver the specifications we want, both in relation to the camera hardware and software. We’re very happy with the result which we believe will prove to be a very attractive proposition for fleets operating both light and heavy vehicles commercially,” said Hague.

The camera solution comes with a full Microlise warranty and is a dynamic part of the wider Microlise product portfolio, with a roadmap of new features already under development set to enrich functionality further in 2018 and beyond.

For further information about the Microlise Camera Module, go to www.microlise.com/cameras.


Microlise telematics, journey management and proof of delivery products help its customers reduce costs and the environmental impact of their fleet operations. This is achieved by maximising vehicle utilisation, increasing operational efficiency and improving economy and safety; whilst helping to deliver the very best customer experience by providing real-time visibility of the fleet against schedule.

An award-winning privately owned business based in Nottingham in the UK, Microlise invests significantly in research and development annually to ensure its solutions continue to be underpinned by market-leading technology. In 2018 Microlise won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise – International Trade. For more information, please visit https://www.microlise.com/ or follow us on Twitter – @microlise.