Bretts Transport Boosts Safety and Performance with Microlise

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABretts Transport has deployed a new fleet performance and safety management system from transport management solution provider, Microlise.

The transport operator based near Peterborough, which offers a full logistics and warehousing solution, is a specialist in ambient food and food grade packaging deliveries into supermarket regional distribution centres, food service depots, manufacturers and cash and carrys.

The company has deployed Microlise Fleet Performance which includes a range of standard and optional modules that support customers in maximising the safety and efficiency of drivers and vehicles in their fleet. The product minimises environmental impact and costs through improved fuel economy, whilst maximising fleet utilisation and efficiency and ensuring service levels remain high.

The Safety Module, an optional addition to Fleet Performance, has also been included and features an incident data recorder to provide granular level information about exactly what the driver and vehicle were doing 30 seconds before and after an incident.

“We were impressed with the functionality of the Microlise telematics solution and the safety module which will improve our performance and protect our drivers whilst they are out on the roads,” said Simon Brett, Managing Director of Bretts Transport.

Fleet Performance provides detailed information on infringements including speeding, harsh braking, acceleration and cornering.

“There really is only one best way to drive and our telematics solution is set to provide information to drivers and trainers on how to improve.  Bretts will achieve return on investment in a short space of time through reduced fuel costs and wear and tear of vehicles, whilst having more information when incidents do occur,” said Nadeem Raza, Chief Executive Officer, Microlise.

Having detailed information about exactly what was occurring immediately before, during and after an incident during an insurance claims process can help to quickly resolve disputes and reduce time off the roads for vehicles.

The Microlise rollout is to more than 90 heavy goods vehicles operating in the Bretts Transport fleet which typically delivers in excess of 4000 tons of canned food and other grocery products, along with 5000 pallets of food grade packaging, per week.

For further information about Microlise Fleet Performance or The Safety Module visit www.microlise.com/fleet-management.

About Microlise
Microlise telematics and proof of delivery solutions help its customers reduce costs and the environmental impact of their fleet operations. This is achieved by maximising vehicle utilisation, increasing operational efficiency and improving economy and safety; whilst helping to deliver the very best customer experience by providing real-time visibility of the fleet against schedule.

A privately owned business based in Nottingham in the UK, Microlise invests significantly in research and development annually to ensure its solutions continue to be underpinned by market-leading technology. Microlise helps its customers to save more than £175m each year in fuel costs and reduce CO2 emissions by hundreds of thousands of metric tonnes. For more information, please visit https://www.microlise.com/ or follow us on Twitter – @microlise.

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