Maritime Transport Rewards Safer Drivers with Annual Bonuses

Maritime Transport, one of the UK’s leading multimodal logistics companies, has been a partner of Microlise since 2012 having opted for a solution that provides insight into driver and vehicle performance and allows them to track the location of assets to increase fleet utilisation.

During 2013 Maritime rolled-out a driver bonus scheme to reward their safest drivers. With over 2,000 drivers covering 130,000,000 miles per annum, last year’s annual bonus pool was worth in excess of £1.4m. The average driver pay-out was £500 with Maritime’s top performers receiving pay outs of over £3,000.

The scheme is based on telematics scores and encourages drivers to maintain higher levels of safety and compliance. A range of key performance indicators such as fuel efficiency, braking, and acceleration are used to monitor drivers, providing an opportunity for ‘top earners’ to receive this bonus pay-out.

Privately owned, Maritime Transport has grown from a container transport haulier into a fully multimodal logistics company, with a network of 33 sites across the UK, including a number of rail terminals following their recent launch of Maritime Intermodal. The company prides itself on its use of cutting-edge technology and practical use of data insights to power its operations across both road and rail.