Industry Leading Customer Service Module

Customer Service Module

Enhance your logistics customer service experience with real-time visibility, call management and reporting.

Microlise’s new Customer Service Module is an optional enhancement within the Microlise Journey Management package.

Traditionally, Microlise’s Journey Management Module has focused upon reporting planned versus actual delivery performance for customer’s routes.

This allows Microlise’s traditional logistics customer base to proactively monitor delivery performance, in terms of route & schedule adherence, pre-advice customer’s of impending deliveries, as well as debrief the driver against any exceptions.

Transport management and planners then used this information to examine how a fleet is managed and deployed and enhance route planning rules on a period basis in order to optimise customer service, fleet usage and operating costs.

Unlike Microlise’s Schedule Execution Board, frequently found in the Transport office, the new Customer Service Module uses this same information, but rather than looking at routes in their entirety, presents customer service teams with proactive information as planned deliveries to specific customers and accounts are forecast to go into exception (based upon any contract SLA windows around a planned delivery).

Each time a Microlise tracked vehicle reports in, the same point to point routing engine behind the Schedule Execution Board calculates the estimated time of arrival for all outstanding deliveries on a route. The Customer Service Board uses this information to calculate if a planned delivery is likely to now fall outside an agreed service level window.

When this is predicted to occur, the specific delivery and all of the associated customer and contact information is highlighted in the Microlise Customer Service Board.

Each incident can then be allocated to a Customer Service Agent who can then contact the customer and use the Microlise system to both provide the customer with up to date delivery information, as well as manage and record all customer interactions under a unique call reference.

All of this information is held within the system and can be exported, by account / customer and site, to provide accurate KPI and issue reporting for periodic customer reviews for example.

Matt Hague, Product Strategy Director at Microlise comments; “The Customer Service Module is a departure from the typical traffic office centric solutions Microlise traditionally deploys, the module leverages the same point to point routing based ETA information but abstracts it away from the route and focuses on delivery performance into the individual customers or contract group. This system allows issues to be identified proactively and any resulting contact history to be recorded for reporting and subsequent review”.

“The Customer Service Module was designed to manage customer issues by exception and in a much more proactive manner. Thereby improving customer experience and reducing overall administration effort.”

Customers such as Bidvest Logistics have already seen the benefit of using the Customer Service Module within their business, “The Customer Service Module is without question industry leading and demonstrates Bidvest Logistics ambition to continue to service its client base to the best of its capabilities today and in to the future. The operating system now allows our business to proactively engage the customers with accurate information in real time and thus ensure they have clarity on the status of their delivery.” Shaun Foley Chief Operations Officer Bidvest Logistics UK.