Speeding most common offence for LGV drivers but over 99% are penalty-free

Recently released DVLA figures reveal that of 1,231,000 LGV licences awarded since 2016, 99.4% of large vehicle drivers received no penalty points.

The statistics have been released following a Freedom of Information (FOI) request by Crown Oil to the DVLA regarding LGV driver penalty points.

The data also highlights that 3,552 large goods vehicle (LGV) drivers have been disqualified for having too many points and 567 lost their licences for having more than six points within two years of passing their test. The DVLA data shows that 6,747 drivers have three or more points on their LGV licence, with about half that number – 3,552 – having been disqualified for aggregating too many points.

Speeding is the most common offence, accounting for 45% of points. According to Crown, there were also 8,791 offences due to ‘bad drivers being issued multiple codes.’ This was followed by 10% of drivers receiving points for insurance offences.

Matt Greensmith, managing director of Crown Oil said: “LGV training is rigorous and earning the licence is something many LGV drivers pay for themselves, so losing their licence means losing their livelihood too. Large vehicle drivers need to also be acutely aware of the risk to other drivers of driving a commercial vehicle in the event of any road incidents. In the interests of road safety, businesses that operate LGV fleets also need to ensure their drivers are the company’s ambassadors on the road.”