Product Release 20.1

We are pleased to announce that the 20.1 version of our solution has now been made available. As part of our program of monthly updates, delivered across our whole range of products, this release contains new features and updates requested by customers.

Our Fleet Performance solution now supports trailer identification via connection to the supported Electronic Breaking System (EBS), underpinning new features and functions.

Trailer EBS identification now allows users to filter coupled trailers within the Fleet Visibility map with trailer information, including trailer ID, EBS identity, and the date of connection, within the ‘Coupled Trailers’ drop-down menu in the side panel.

Two new dashboard widgets have also been created, gathering information around the new functionality, which is then delivered to users as a fleet overview. The EBS Success widget provides a breakdown of successful and unsuccessful EBS identity mappings, while the EBS Exception Events by Day widget provides a count of each category of exception.

In addition, drivers can also manually engage with the EBS trailer identification process via the SmartPOD app. However, this functionality has very specific hardware and compatibility requirements, so please talk to your account manager to find out more about suitability.

Based on customer feedback, we have made some minor amendments to our award-winning, Driver Hazard Warning mobile app. Warnings will no longer be issued to drivers regarding potential hazards on adjoining roads, when the vehicle is travelling on a ‘safe’ road, for example a major arterial with a speed limit of 70mph. This aims to reduce ‘false positive’ hazard warnings and improve the experience of drivers who use the DHW app, helping them to stay engaged and get the most out of the information the app can provide.

Customers who utilise Journey Management will now be able to document their compliance to the ADR (European legislation most recently updated in 2019 concerning the carriage of dangerous goods by road) by using the SmartPOD app to track the movement and delivery of any items that are marked as ‘dangerous.’

The system allows users to control which legal text is displayed to drivers whereas the new menu within the SmartPOD app provides drivers with information around items marked as ‘dangerous’ including how many points are attributed to the item under ADR. The system also alerts the driver if a vehicle has too many dangerous goods on board, allowing them to take appropriate action to rectify the issue before proceeding.

The 20.1 release also introduces further updates to the Web Portal to improve the accuracy of translations and the availability of localised versions of our products and services. Users with the correct admin permissions can now add, update and remove their own customised translations in selected areas, in any language that is currently available.

Interested in finding out more? Microlise customers can speak with their Account Manager and request the full version of the 20.1 release documentation for a more detailed description of all the new features available.