Product Release 19:11

We are pleased to announce that the 19.11 version of our solution is now available. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, Microlise releases monthly updates across our products and solutions. The release includes a number of brand new system features and fixes that have been developed in response to customer feedback.

Customers who use our Fleet Performance solution will now see further improvements to Contextual Speeding, as minor optimisations have been applied to the road-matching system. This will improve accuracy and help ensure the system registers correct speeding events within the context of the local road speed.

The user interface of the Map Screen in the Web Portal has also improved as part of the 19.11 release. All the information on the current pop-up card that is displayed when clicking on a vehicle will now appear on a concertina style side-panel to the right of the screen, to provide a cleaner and more detailed layout and allow for more information to be included in future releases.

Users of the Driver Hazard Warnings App (DHW) can now utilise the Reports Portal to subscribe to and generate detailed and informative audit reports. This allows operators to access data that will enable them to better evaluate the behaviour of their drivers, determine high-risk areas so that they can provide targeted support to drivers based on known route hazards, and following a bridge strike, quickly establish whether a driver was forewarned in the lead up to the incident.

For customers with Journey Management, a new feature is available within SmartPOD to provide the driver and transport manager with a complete overview of their journey on their mobile device.

SmartPOD users will now see four new screens. These screens will contain more detailed planned vs actual journey data, a read-only view of all items currently left within the vehicle (including why they have been ‘claused’ to highlight an issue with delivery, if applicable), a configurable list of driver task results – for instance, vehicle safety checks – and a read-only view of any Debrief on the Go responses a driver has provided.

Users of the TMC Web Portal will also see new functionality with the 19.11 release to help monitor the weight of consignments. Users will now be alerted if one of their vehicles has a load that exceeds the maximum combined weight of a consignment when editing or allocating a vehicle to a journey. Two new dashboard widgets will also highlight and enable the monitoring of vehicles with payloads that the system has identified as exceeding their maximum level, while the second will detail which vehicles are still pending a payload check because of insufficient information in the system.

Microlise customers who are interested in receiving a comprehensive outline of the features available in this 19:11 release can request documentation from their Account Managers.