How to Make Sure Drivers Follow Approved Routes

Transport planners can spend lots of time creating the best plan, but if expected routes are not observed when vehicles leave the depot, it becomes harder to realise benefits such as reduced wear & tear, mileage and cost.

We know that in reality, printed route manifests can easily be ignored and replaced by a drivers preferred route (especially if there’s a favourite truck stop nearby!) or the Sat-Nav recommended route. If this is the case then all that hard work in planning is lost.

We’ve written about how to make sure your transport operation sticks to plan in a previous blog, but now there’s a new integration to help.


Microlise has linked up with Paragon to help road transport and logistics operations ensure their drivers follow approved routes by feeding optimised instructions straight into the driver’s cab.

By integrating with Paragon using Waypoint Mapping, route plans are delivered as they were intended, with turn-by-turn guidance straight to the Microlise enabled in-cab device with Sat-Nav.


Consistent route and schedule adherence has demonstrated significant improvements, and we have seen growing demand from customers wanting to use Waypoint Mapping with Microlise.

Through this integration, Microlise customers, and users of Paragon, know that by intelligently analysing actual against expected activity and making adjustments, performance improvements can be realised.


With the actual and planned route data available and easily accessible, the transport office is made aware of any deviation from the planned route, can take steps to understand why and take action to reduce wastage. Over time, companies can refine schedules and know that their drivers are following intelligently devised routes.

Waypoint Mapping can also be used by transport operations to avoid certain areas at certain times, or to only follow risk assessed routes. This can be instrumental in directing drivers to avoid areas of congestion or areas of high risk.

Microlise Journey Management also helps transport operations to know that vehicles are following routes suitable for their weight or size, avoiding narrow roads and low bridges.


The Microlise / Paragon Waypoint Mapping innovation is already helping customers to improve their route and schedule adherence.

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