DVSA Updates Daily Driver Walkaround Leaflets


As we all know, at least one daily walkaround check of an HGV must be made every 24 hours, usually before the vehicle is driven.

Now, DVSA has published a new leaflet, outlining all the checks that should be made in the daily driver walkaround inspection.

The leaflet, which is an update to a previous document, features refreshed artwork and is designed to remind drivers which checks they must carry out and record to make sure vehicles are safe to drive.

The checks are part of having an effective vehicle maintenance system, something which Microlise fleet compliance and safety features can help with.

Microlise users are able to build all of the checks from the official checklist (below) into a digital workflow drivers can access on a ruggedised tablet or mobile device. Daily itineraries and navigation are not unlocked until vehicle checks are complete, guaranteeing a driver won’t set off at the beginning of a shift without doing a full vehicle check.

All records are saved electronically, so that paperwork does not get lost. These records are also available for drivers to show to DVSA inspectors at the roadside, or for office-based staff to refer back to at a later date.

DVSA Director of Enforcement Marian Kitson will be speaking at the Microlise Transport Conference on May 15th, at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. During her presentation Marian will be outlining plans to improve and develop the enforcement of heavy vehicle standards across Britain.

Updated DVSA Daily Driver Walkaround Leaflet

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