C+E Driver Training IS Available with Government Funding

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) is concerned that many hauliers, and even some training providers, are unaware that they can train drivers for the articulated lorry C+E licence, as well as the C-licence for rigid trucks, with government funding.

According to the RHA, funding to train HGV drivers to C+E level is a game-changer for the new LGV driver apprenticeship with many firms far more interested once this fact is known.

“Some firms have said the new Trailblazer apprenticeship is not for them – until they find out that it can take new recruits through to driving 44 tonnes vehicles,” said Colin Snape, RHA deputy director of policy. “That totally changes the level of interest. Firms should realise that the funding of £4,500 (up to £5,000 for firms with fewer than 50 employees or Levy Payers) is suitable for their businesses. A higher level of funding is available for firms taking on young drivers.”

This is great news and with the apprenticeship levy now in place, it’s a great way for levy payers to make sure they are accessing all funds available to them.

WIth 33% of employers not aware of the levy just prior to its introduction, there is definitely not enough information out there about the responsibilities transport operators now have – or the opportunities available to them thanks to the levy.

Apprenticeship Levy Whitepaper
Working with Colin Snape and the RHA, we have put together a whitepaper detailing the Apprenticeship Levy. The whitepaper outlines the requirements for employers operating in the UK and offers extra advice from the RHA.

Download the Apprenticeship Levy Whitepaper