Calls To Retain Our Extension To Delivery Hours


As Governments across the globe work on stimulus packages to support economic and social recovery post Covid-19, the FTA has recently called for the relaxation around delivery curfews be made a permanent part of our new business normal. The UK business group maintains that this is vital as ‘non-essential retail’ opens up.

The previous restriction on night-time deliveries came into effect as a result of residents objecting to noise at night. However, given the reality of our new purchasing habits and expectations, perhaps we as urban dwellers can no longer afford to take exception to more constant delivery windows to support our growing online and home delivery habit that has intensified during lockdown and looks set to remain at a heightened level. The crisis has also underscored the massive importance of an efficient and diversified supply chain to ensure that supermarkets, pharmacies and other key outlets remained fully stocked.

As more and more commuters go back to work and remain wary of taking public transport, congestion is set to increase – less freight on the road at traditional commute times can only benefit the movement of both goods and people.

Elizabeth de Jong, Policy Director at FTA, comments: “As the business group representing the logistics sector, FTA campaigned successfully for delivery hours to be extended to strengthen the resilience of the supply chain during the pandemic; now, we are urging government to continue the relaxation as the nation emerges from lockdown to support economic and social recovery from COVID-19.

“With ‘non-essential retail’ units permitted to open, we expect to see demand for products increase significantly; continued flexible delivery hours will allow logistics businesses to stock shops safely and efficiently while keeping up with demand. And with government plans to reallocate road space to cyclist and walkers, extended delivery hours will be needed due to restricted access. Logistics remains vital to supporting the nation through the pandemic and rebuilding the economy; government must not restrict its ability to do so.”

Not sure what the advantages might be?

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