Microlise telematics to drive efficiency for Downton

C M Downton Ltd has made a significant investment in a new in-cab telematics system for its 500-strong vehicle fleet.

The new transport management system, by leading developer Microlise, is being rolled out across Downton’s entire fleet along with a new tablet personal computer for each cab. This new system will allow drivers to be constantly communicating with Downton’s depots as well as providing real-time data about each vehicle, from fuel consumption to wear on engine components.

Downton’s operations director John Downton believes the new state-of-the-art system has the power to drive significant efficiencies across the business: “Having access to real-time data about our fleet means we can always look for ways to make trips more efficient; saving the business, and our customers, more money.

“Being able to accurately calculate when a vehicle needs maintenance before the problem becomes serious will save us a lot of downtime, allowing us to operate efficiently and safely. Ultimately, I want our vehicles on the road as much as possible and any time spent in the workshop is time not spent doing what we do best: delivering for our customers.”

The Micolise telematics system will also help improve fuel efficiency. “We estimate it will save us about five percent in fuel and for a business with over 500 vehicles, this translates into significant savings,” adds John.

Downton has already introduced the system at its Magor, Raunds and Leeds depots and expects it to be installed across its entire fleet within the next few months.