Microlise Lands Goldstar Heathrow Contract

Goldstar HeathrowGoldstar Heathrow has deployed a transport management solution from Microlise, comprising the Fleet Performance product with Safety, 3G Cameras, Trailer Tracking and Temperature Monitoring modules included.

The deployment, which is already underway, will see 100 trucks, 16 vans and 54 trailers fitted with Microlise telematics hardware. Goldstar Heathrow is seeking to drive efficiency, cut operational costs and reduce greenhouse emissions.

The transport service provider offers a comprehensive range of services for the air freight industry as well as general haulage. Its fleet ranges from small vans to 44 tonne tractor units with trailers.

“We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. Over 95% of our carbon footprint comes from our fleet so our focus is on increasing efficiency, with the overall objective of reducing emissions and our impact on the environment. Microlise will be critical to achieving this,” said Katie Crozier, Head of HR, People, Compliance and Transport Team at Goldstar Heathrow.

The Microlise Fleet Performance telematics product includes a range of standard and optional modules which will support Goldstar Heathrow in maximising the safety and efficiency of its drivers and vehicles. It will help to minimise environmental impact and costs through improved fuel economy, whilst improving fleet utilisation and ensuring service levels remain high.

Goldstar Heathrow has opted to deploy the Microlise Safety Module. The tracking unit acts as an Incident Data Recorder providing granular level information about exactly what the vehicle and driver were doing 30 seconds before and after any incident. Coupled with footage from integrated camera technology, the Safety Module offers a comprehensive and conclusive view of exactly what happened helping to make decisions on liability quickly. The module also includes Contextual Speeding, Harsh Cornering and Harsh Braking.

Remote Digital Tachograph Download will also be implemented to cut down the administration of manually collecting tacho data. The module allows tachograph information to be collected on a regular basis, wherever the vehicle is located, ensuring operator compliance.

A proportion of the fleet will also be fitted with temperature monitoring, which triggers an alert if a predetermined temperature range is exceeded within one of the configured trailers.

“Goldstar Heathrow has shown its exceptionally high standards throughout the tender process and we are pleased to have been selected,” said Nadeem Raza, Microlise Chief Executive Officer. “With Fleet Performance I am sure Goldstar Heathrow will hit its target to reduce fuel expenditure and cut emissions making a return on investment in short order. Our benefits realisation team will be working closely with the team to make sure progress is made.”


About Microlise:
Microlise telematics and proof of delivery solutions help its customers reduce costs and the environmental impact of their fleet operations. This is achieved by maximising vehicle utilisation, increasing operational efficiency and improving economy and safety; whilst helping to deliver the very best customer experience by providing real-time visibility of the fleet against schedule.

A privately owned business based in Nottingham in the UK, Microlise invests significantly in research and development annually to ensure its solutions continue to be underpinned by market-leading technology. Microlise helps its customers to save more than £175m each year in fuel costs and reduce CO2 emissions by hundreds of thousands of metric tonnes.

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