Microlise highlighted as key CSR partner to Carlsberg

In an interview in this month’s Transport & Logistics Magazine, Carlsberg’s National Fleet Compliance Manager, Phil Thompson, highlights the effect that Microlise telematics has had on it’s fleet and the knock on effect it’s had on Carlsberg’s CSR programme. Carlsberg have achieved a 4.8% fuel and carbon emissions saving in year 1 of implementing the Microlise System to monitor driving style. A further 1% in year 2 has also been achieved.

Phil comments, “It’s easy to concentrate on our main purpose – delivering beer, but there’s a man and a machine behind that as well. What telematics has helped do is make us look at ourselves, and how we go about our day-to-day operations.”

But Phil is keen to highlight the important role their drivers had to play. “The drivers really took our fuel efficiency measures on board, which aided our endeavours because they proactively wanted to make the gains we were asking of them.”