Finch Group to Provide Telematics Insurance Package for HGV Sector

Microlise-Finch-InfographicWorking in partnership with telematics platform provider Microlise, motor fleet insurance specialist Finch Group is offering a powerful new telematics package FITS (Fleet Insurance Telematics Solutions) to help drive premiums down for HGV operators looking to proactively manage their insurance costs.

By linking a brand new 24 hour claims management centre to data transmitted from vehicle telematics, the team at Finch Group can be alerted straightaway to abnormal driving activities, enabling them to provide a fast and effective first notification of loss (FNOL).

This unique transfer of data and management of information immediately after the incident has occurred will mean HGV operators with this insurance package will experience a reduction in claims frequencies and costs – and subsequently, reduced premiums and broking fees.

Vincent Gardner, Managing Director, Finch Commercial Insurance Brokers, said: “Commercial vehicle operators which have a higher than average number of accidents do find it hard to get affordable insurance. But by tailoring a package whereby the vehicle operator is committed to having a telematics solution installed and managed by Microlise, linked to our 24/7 claims team, insurance providers are able to offer reduced premiums, knowing that costs and risks are being extensively and actively managed.”

The telematics solutions offered by Microlise would be tailored to the specific needs of each customer but, in addition to helping drive down insurance premiums and removing the room for error in reporting accidents, companies will also have the potential of realising efficiencies right across their operations. From driver and vehicle performance to real time journey management and proof of delivery, a tailored telematics solution will provide valuable insights into how both vehicles and drivers are performing. This level of understanding will enable transport managers to see which drivers might be at a higher risk of being involved in incidents, meaning measures can be put in place before claims need to be made.

Nadeem Raza, Managing Director at Microlise, added: “Telematics is widely used across the commercial vehicle sector to manage fleet performance, journeys and driver behaviour. These functions hold a great many attributes in themselves, but by linking directly to an insurance claims management centre, like Finch Group, the opportunity for telematics to help companies realise even greater cost savings through reduced insurance premiums can be realised.”

Vincent added: “As the technology develops further, we look forward to developing the intelligence of the solution we can package for insurance premiums to improve efficiencies for both commercial vehicle operators and insurance providers.”

Microlise designs, develops and manufactures all of its products in the UK. On average, Microlise saves its customers over £172m per year in fuel costs and a recorded reduction in CO2 output of 333,000 metric tonnes per year.

For further information visit www.finchgroup.net/microlise.

About Microlise
Our solutions, underpinned by market leading technology, enable our customers to reduce operating costs and environmental impact by maximising the efficiency of their fleets. Microlise has empowered its customers to save over £172m in fuel costs and reduce CO2 emissions by over 333,000 metric tonnes – equivalent to the output of 135,000 family cars – per year. For more information, please visit www.microlise.com.

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