Dual Fuel Upgrade for Microlise Fleet Performance

IMG_9293In readiness for a potential growth in demand for alternative and dual fuel vehicles, Microlise, the transport management solution provider, has released new reporting giving customers detailed primary and secondary fuel level information.

The new reports provide usage data in the vehicle’s native unit of measurement and also convert the information into a gasoline equivalent to enable easy comparison.

The upgrade, released this week as part of the regular Microlise product development cycle, comes as the company continues to invest significantly in research and development.

“Alternative fuel vehicles, including those operating with dual fuel, are likely to become more appealing to transport service providers if and when crude prices rise once again,” said Matthew Hague, Executive Director – Product Strategy. “Several fleets have already trialled or begun operations with dual fuel and we want to ensure we have a product available now to support fleets as the technology becomes more mainstream.”

In January Transport for London (TfL) launched LoCITY – a brand new industry led programme which will help the freight and fleet sector lead the way in improving air quality and reducing carbon emissions. The primary objective of the scheme is to accelerate the adoption of low emission commercial vehicles in London.

“We are seeing more government initiatives to encourage low emission vehicles, with dual fuel technology being out in the lead as one of the best ways to achieve this,” added Hague.

The upgrade is part of the Fleet Performance telematics product which includes a range of standard and optional modules that support customers in maximising the safety and efficiency of drivers and vehicles in their fleets. The product minimises environmental impact and costs through improved fuel economy, whilst maximising fleet utilisation and efficiency, and ensuring service levels remain high.

In this Microlise Product Release, improvements have also been made to the Fleet Performance user interface, Carrier trailer tracking and temperature monitoring functionality among other upgrades.

The Microlise Journey Management product, which allows transport office and customer service users to monitor the status of trips against schedule, in real-time, has also received several incremental upgrades.

For further information about Microlise Fleet Performance or Journey Management visit www.microlise.com/fleet-management.


About Microlise

Microlise telematics and proof of delivery solutions help its customers reduce costs and the environmental impact of their fleet operations. This is achieved by maximising vehicle utilisation, increasing operational efficiency and improving economy and safety; whilst helping to deliver the very best customer experience by providing real-time visibility of the fleet against schedule.

A privately owned business based in Nottingham in the UK, Microlise invests significantly in research and development annually to ensure its solutions continue to be underpinned by market-leading technology. Microlise helps its customers to save more than £175m each year in fuel costs and reduce CO2 emissions by hundreds of thousands of metric tonnes.

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