New Government Online Vehicle Checker To Help Drivers Prepare For Clean Air Zones

A new Government online service has gone live to help drivers and businesses to prepare for the introduction of clean air zones.

The vehicle checker will allow drivers to find out if they will be affected by the change, which will see more polluting vehicles charged for driving in certain cities.

Leeds City Council is bringing in a ‘Class B’ clean air zone later this year which will mean some older, polluting buses, coaches, taxis, private hire vehicles and HGVs will be charged to drive within the zone. Birmingham City Council is bringing in a ‘Class D’ charging zone, which will also come into effect later this year, which is also likely to apply to some vans and private cars.

Further local authorities including Bath and Sheffield are scheduled to introduce clean air zones in 2020 and 2021.

Microlise’s Fleet Performance telematics solution provides operators with the ability to manage their fleet effectively, by understanding location in real-time. Additionally, geofence technology can be used to alert the transport office and record when a specific vehicle, or group of vehicles, enter a specific area. In the case of clean air zones, a geofence can be created where a zone exists, or on approach to a zone, to track when vehicles enter the area.