Case Study: Global Manufacturer Deploys OEM Platform to Drive Increased Aftermarket Revenue

The Challenge

We engaged with this global machinery manufacturer to help them to develop an industrial grade telematics solution to drive aftermarket revenues and deliver data to end users to help improve their business efficiency.

Like many other manufacturers, our client had two significant challenges to address:

  • Their machinery was used in tough environments and uptime and reliability was highly prized by customers
  • They were aware of the value of selling aftermarket services but struggled to manage these services as machinery was used remotely and sold via a 3rd party network of distributors.
The Solution

A remote monitoring solution addressed these challenges.

The platform needed to be capable of collecting data from machinery in the field, storing it in a cloud-based database and sharing collated information with customers, support partners and the manufacturer themselves, via a series of web-based portals.

Microlise’s OEM Platform, that can be tailored to specific challenges, met these criteria.  A branded, intuitive web portal that took full account of customer brand guidelines was first deployed.

Microlise developed embedded software to collect all the necessary machinery data which was sent to the Microlise web portal and was made available to service teams to equip them with the data they needed to provide proactive, accurate and timely support to end users that elevated the customer service credentials of this globally recognised manufacturer.

The primary data and intelligence collected included:

  • Service countdown data – providing advance notice of when scheduled maintenance was required
  • Location data – to enhance logistical efficiency and improve asset security
  • Machine health data – to help service teams to diagnose any machinery faults or issues at speed and deliver prompt recommendations, advice or repairs as needed
The Result

The program was deployed at speed and has continued to deliver quantifiable results over a sustained period of time.

The key outcomes include:

  • The ability to identify poor operator practice and to remedy it, dramatically reduced machinery damage,  leading to 90% fewer calls-outs in relation to common issues such as contaminated fuel
  • Service teams were able to use machinery health data to increase global support levels, helping dealers to provide proactive service solutions and increased machinery uptime for clients
  • Service revenues increased by 25% as a result of the proactive use of the service monitoring solution.

In addition, there were a number of largely unanticipated, but equally positive solution benefits that were identified by the customer including:

  • Machinery data was used by engineering teams across the business to identify and inform future product improvements
  • Almost overnight, the system was used to recover a substantial number of stolen assets across widely dispersed geographies
  • The increase in customer engagement led to new product sales opportunities for a significant percentage of the manufacturer’s distribution partners.

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