Government Confirms Essential Work Status for Logistics in Letter to RHA & FTA

The Road Haulage Association and Freight Transport Association have published a letter, in which the Government has confirmed “Essential Work” status for the logistics sector.

Sent to Richard Burnett, Chief Executive of the RHA, and his counterpart David Wells at FTA, Ben Rimmington, DfT’s Co-Director for Road Safety, Standards and Services, states “I am writing to confirm that the Department for Transport considers it essential that the work of the logistics sector should continue to the greatest extent possible through the Covid-19 crisis.”

The letter is intended to confirm the status of logistics as essential work, as well as providing a resource for those working in the sector to confirm the Government’s position should there be any misunderstandings.

The letter can be downloaded from the RHA website here.

Commenting, Richard Burnett said: “The last few days have seen much uncertainty as regards the definition of ‘essential workers’ and this confirmation from DfT’s Co-Director for Road Safety, Standards and Services, Ben Rimmington, formalises the work of those that are keeping the economy moving. This applies to all supply chains – not only those for food and medical supplies.

“We would urge employers to provide drivers with a copy of the letter that can be shown if needed.

“We have worked closely with our colleagues at the FTA to achieve this and I am delighted that the hard work has paid off. We still need greater recognition from the Prime Minister as regards the great work this industry is doing by keeping the nation fed. The importance of integrated transport which businesses need to keep running, should also be acknowledged.”

All travel related to the operation of logistics or necessary travel by logistics workers to places of work such as distribution centres, is considered ‘essential travel’ in the context of current restrictions.