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Having introduced a Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving (SAFED) initiative in 2008, Carlsberg saw an improvement in fuel efficiency.

“Microlise is a great company to work with… their service has been great for Carlsberg.”

Phil Thompson, National Fleet Compliance Manager, Carlsberg UK

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6% Reduction In Fuel Usage In 2 Years


Introducing A Safe & Fuel Efficient Driving(Safed) Initiative

The Challenge

Having introduced a Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving (SAFED) initiative in 2008, Carlsberg saw an improvement in fuel efficiency. However, without the ability to monitor driver performance, and delivering effective coaching and training, the benefits of SAFED were short lived. The challenge was clear – Carlsberg needed to maintain the benefits of SAFED training through a prolonged period. Carlsberg set key objectives – to improve MPG whilst reducing emissions in line with its corporate social responsibility programme.

The Approach

Having seen the reduction in both fuel and carbon emissions that SAFED could bring to the company, Carlsberg decided to reintroduce the training initiative for its drivers. In order to maintain and monitor the benefits, the company sought out a telematics solution.

Microlise had provided solutions to Carlsberg for over 10 years and had proved to be a trustworthy partner in that time. The Microlise Fleet Performance product was implemented, prior to re-initiating the SAFED training programme, so that the means of monitoring and debriefing drivers was in place. A benchmarking exercise took place to
establish average fuel usage without training and telematics.

The Result

Microlise was selected on the strength of its existing partnership, its extensive product suite and proven track record. Working closely with Carlsberg, Microlise provided a solution that that would deliver maximum return for the SAFED programme.

Once a benchmark figure was established, Microlise telematics units were installed into the 300 plus vehicle fleet and a strategy to maximise fuel savings was put in place. A full user training programme was implementedwhilst Microlise helped Carlsberg staff to manage the change within the business.

Phil Thompson, National Fleet Compliance Manager at Carlsberg UK stated, “Microlise are a great company to work with... their service has been great for Carlsberg.”To begin with, Carlsberg targeted reducing idling with regular debriefs put in place to provide guidance to drivers. Once idling was minimised, the brief was widened to include driving style, focusing on KPIs such as harsh acceleration and time in green band.

Fleet Performance allowed Carlsberg to monitor driving styles and provided a targeted approach to training drivers in safe and fuel efficient driving best practice.

Management of drivers by exception has provided an efficient approach to driver performance which has kept management involvement to a minimum.

Microlise have provided the tools that have helped Carlsberg realise a fuel saving of 4.8% in year one followed by a further 1% in year two.

“The Microlise product was the most functional. We found it to be the one that was most related to our industry and had what we wanted to get from a telematics tool. We knew that we were getting a partner that we could trust and that we could see a long term future with and with the product development that we would expect.”

Carlsberg have since implemented the Journey Management product from Microlise which not only affords them additional visibility around schedule adherence and trip status but allows them to debrief drivers against route adherence.

Carlsberg can now analyse plan versus actual – what was planned versus what actually happened - debriefing by exception. This yields further fuel and carbon emission savings through reduced mileage.

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