Microlise Launch New Trailer Tracking Device

Microlise, the leading Transport Management Solutions provider, have occupied a relatively unique position over the last decade or more in that they are one of the few vendors in the tracking & telematics market who manufacture their own in-vehicle hardware.

Microlise are continuing this tradition with the launch of its new ML30 range of telematics devices. The first of this range to be launched is Microlise’s new GPS Trailer Tracking unit, the ML30-TT.

The ML30-TT is a powerful and cost effective featured covert Trailer Tracking unit, the key features of which are:

  • Quad Band GSM modem
  • Supersensitive GPS chipset – meaning the unit can be covertly mounted under the trailer as required
  • Internal 5200 mAh battery which, will support several 1000 location reports when charged and disconnected from external power
  • Battery backed real-time clock and watchdog self-diagnostics monitoring – ensuring the highest levels of reliability and availability
  • Tri-axis accelerometer – ensuring the unit can be woken up without external power should the unit be moved

The ML30 case is compact in size, with internal antennas and is sealed to an IP69 rating meaning it will withstand any weather or road conditions it encounters.

A typical installation comprises the unit being fitted on the underside of the trailer, with power being provided from the trailer’s EBS.

The ML30-TT reports into Microlise standard back end (often Trailers are set up in their own groups by depot for easier asset management & reporting).

Trailer location and activity is visible on Microlise’s standard Map client and via Trailer Location, Mileage and Utilisation Reports.

Typical operational usage is when the Trailer has Tractor power and the ML30-TT is therefore running on external power, the unit will report in like a regular tracking device, for example every mile and / 5 minutes (this is configurable over air). Events like stopping and speeding will be reported just like Microlise’s vehicle tracking solution.

When the Trailer is unhooked, it will stay awake and report its location for a configurable period (typically 2 hours) before going to sleep, at which time it will wake up every 6 hours and reports its location, unless the Trailer is re-connected to power and / or moved.

Normally, users set up geofences on the Microlise system around depots, out bases and known stop-over locations, to which curfew hours can also be added, thereby allowing alerts to be generated around unplanned movements. Likewise, no-go geofences, identifying banned stop locations can be set up.

The ML30-TT Trailer tracking unit can also have door sensors connected to it, which will also wake up the unit as well as identify when and where doors have been opened (in and out of permitted locations based upon geofences for example). The ML30-TT can also be connected into Temperature Monitoring Data Loggers to monitor temperature levels and exceptions in real-time.

Matt Hague, Microlise’s Product Strategy Director, comments; “We are really pleased with our ML30 range of products, which offer high levels of functionality at competitive prices. Microlise are committed to continuing to design and manufacture our own in-vehicle telematics hardware as it allows us to remain ahead of our competition in terms of innovation, cost, quality and flexibility”. “The ML30-TT is the first of a number of new products that will be released in the coming months within the new ML30 product family, We are excited by the opportunities this technology will open up to us, in terms of this Trailer Tracking unit alone, we have already received orders for over 4500 units – the largest single order being from a major supermarket”.