ALC Calls For A National Operating Standard For Heavy Vehicle Operators

The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) has again called on Australian Governments to consider the development of a consistent, national operating standard for heavy vehicle operators. The recommendations were included in its submission to the National Transport Commission in response to a consultation regulatory impact statement (RIS) prepared on possible changes to the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).

The ALC’s proposal for a national standard would see heavy vehicle operators:

  1. provide the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator with a list of heavy vehicles it operates and vehicle garaging information;
  2. ensure that each heavy vehicle uses equipment that meets international standards that records, among other things, information relating to driving hours and location that can be used in the investigation of alleged breaches of the HVNL as well as providing operators with data that can be used to manage and improve safety outcomes.
  3. maintain a safety management system (SMS) that meets standards established in the HVNL; and
  4. require a registered operator would have capital available to ensure the safe and efficient operation of their fleet.

It is expected that a Meeting of Infrastructure Minister’s will take place in the middle of year to approve changes to the HVNL on foot of the RIS process.

The National Operating Standard can be found here.