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Delivery Management

Sub-Contractor Management

A feature-rich proof of delivery solution, available for android devices, smartpod makes it easy to manage sub-contractors

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Proof of Delivery App

The App features a contract-based workflow configuration and a simple pay-as-you-go payment model. It seamlessly works alongside the Microlise Proof of Delivery solution to deliver the flexibility to appoint sub-contractors and retain visibility.

Ensure Total Delivery Visibility

Even when using temporary third parties, SmartPOD allows you to track and record all delivery operations.

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Simple Installation & Set-Up

Available from Google Play Store, SmartPod ensures contracted third parties are set-up and ready to be productive from the off.

Manage Drivers Effectively

With tracking and task management functionality, you can manage drivers as easily as if they were your own.

Mobile App

Microlise provides accessible and flexible Android or IOS options for any contractors working on behalf of your organisation, ensuring wraparound visibility of your delivery operations.


Alongside full proof of delivery functionality, our subcontractor app features trip information, planned times, address information, location confirmation via GPS, live journey updates and links to Google Maps & Sat-Nav.

Proof Of Capture

Manage third-party deliveries as seamlessly as you manage your own, capturing location images and signatures that feed back through the system to remove the need for time-consuming paperwork.

Consignment Info

Delivery details are fed through to a third party driver allowing them full delivery visibility to clause undeliverable items, quantify the number of items delivered or to provide a reason for non-delivery. Damaged items or adhoc asset collection can also be recorded.

Exception Handling

If delivery items are damaged, subcontractors can supply all the exception information required including images, quantity adjustments and reasons for non-delivery, allowing you and your customer service team to respond to issues at speed.

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