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The Microlise Transport & Logistics solution is designed specifically for the needs of commercial fleet operators

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Total Fleet Visibility Through Real-Time Tracking

A modular approach allows customers to take advantage of a solution that meets their specific requirements and a dedicated solution roadmap ensures operators are able to take advantage of the latest innovations and developments in the telematics industry.

Fleet management is no-longer just about tracking assets. It’s about understanding what’s happening using the data available and harnessing that knowledge to achieve optimum performance. The Transport & Logistics solution comprises three products and various core and optional modules to enable your fleet to perform at its best.

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Reduce Operating Costs

By identifying issues such as idling and poor driving performance, fuel costs can be reduced. A better driving style also means less vehicle maintenance costs.

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Increase Fleet Efficiency

Maximise ROI from your fleet assets through real-time and total total visibility. Identify problem areas and take action.

Increase Safety Standards

Reduce incidents and near misses by improving the driving style across your fleet. Where incidents occur, gain detailed understanding of fault.

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Fleet Telematics

Track your fleet in real-time, understanding not only location but direction of travel, status, and more. Furthermore, fully understand the performance of your drivers and empower them to improve their own performance.

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Safety, Health & Compliance

Keep your fleet compliant and on the road. keep your drivers safe and ensure any incidents are understood and claims are resolved as quickly as possible. Microlise safety products include telematics integrated cameras and a full safety offering including Incident Data Recorder.

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Journey Management

Deliver a proactive experience to your customers, by having a real-time view of your fleet vs your plan. Identify vehicles running ahead, on-time and late and deal with problems as they arise. Reduce miles travelled through a detailed comparison of planned vs actual routes.

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Delivery Management

Reduce paperwork and administration and improve accuracy by digitally capturing delivery information. Microlise Proof of Delivery delivers total visibility of your delivery operations, including third party contractors.

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