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We understand the needs of industrial manufacturers and offer a suite of integrated products to help accelerate your connected asset program

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A Tailored Solution To Your Connectivity Needs

The right connected platform delivers significant business-efficiency benefits and in addition, can offer new revenue opportunities as the potential for new customer services and market functionalities allow for stronger relationships to be forged with end users.

By combining your market knowledge and expertise with our products, support, dedicated training and marketing tools, you can increase your business potential and revenue.

The Microlise OEM Platform allows you to build value and competitive advantage while strengthening customer engagement.

We already partner successfully with several large global industrial manufacturers and deliver a high quality ‘white label’ offering to these key industrial partners.

We support your end customers to reduce costs, cut their environmental footprint and significantly boost asset health and operational effectiveness.

White Labelled

Branded as you choose, you can ensure full product alignment with your existing portfolio and remain sensitive to cultural nuances and local markets.

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Quick to Market

Deploy our next generation product set at speed, availing of years of accumulated research and development.

Full Support

With significant experience in this field, we support businesses to shift from simply selling products to using services as a growth driver.

MAN Truck & Bus UK

MAN Truck & Bus UK has been a long-term partner of Microlise. The partnership has seen the provision of the MAN Fleet Management suite of telematics and fleet management products.

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TATA Fleetman

Tata Motors is India's leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles. Tata & Microlise partnered in 2014 to deliver the next generation of telematics services into the Indian market.

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JCB LiveLink

JCB LiveLink makes the lives of customers easier and is the quickest way to confirm that machines around the world are well maintained and in good health, without having to visit sites inspecting machines.

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