Safety, Health & Compliance

Multi-Camera Solution

Reduce risk and insurance costs, increase safety and give drivers peace of mind with a cost effective, feature-rich, fleet camera solution

Combine the Power of Telematics and Cameras

Our multi-camera solution is designed with modern fleet operators in mind. Integrated with Microlise Fleet Performance telematics, users can download specific footage surrounding an incident from the vehicle playback screen quickly and easily.

Choose between different camera types to maximise safety. All cameras record and make footage available for download. Add sensors or an audible pedestrian alert to align with DVS or FORS standards.

Reduce Insurance Costs

Many insurers will offer cash incentives for camera solutions. This is because they understand that a fleet with cameras has a lower risk profile.

Improve Safety

Cameras make the roads a safer place for everyone and make poor safety standards completely unacceptable.

Establish Liability Quickly

Cameras play a vital role in First Notification of Loss (FNOL), giving control
over the claims process and enabling fleets to report incidents as soon as

Over The Air Downloads

Be the first to make a claim when there is an incident and understand liability within minutes. Captured footage can also be used to support driver training as part of targeted driver training around incidents and near misses.

Integrated With Telematics

The camera footage can be viewed alongside granular level data from the Microlise Safety Module to support information delivered when an on-road incident occurs.

Low Resolution Pre-Download

In instances where the precise time of an incident is unknown, preview footage can first be viewed in low resolution. The correct high definition footage can then be downloaded faster, saving time and speeding up the claims process.

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