Safety, Health & Compliance

Fleet Safety Management

Improve fleet safety by monitoring speed, direction, accelerator position, braking, abs status, gears, cruise control and clutch for a complete overview of what happened in the seconds before and after an incident

Fleet Safety Management

Customers who have deployed our fleet safety management product have reported a reduction in speeding of up to 90% and an incident level reduction of up to 70% with significantly reduced claims and vehicle off-road time.

Increase Fleet Safety Levels

Use a detailed of view of driver performance to improve standards and practices. Be aware of poor practice and take action.

Protect Your Drivers

Gain a detailed understanding of incidents to understand fault and help improve driver performance in the future.

Defend Against False Claims

Use data to prove fault and liability and reduce the time taken to resolve claims, keeping vehicles on the road for longer.

Incident Analysis

Detailed information is captured by a recording device on the vehicle. When triggered, the telematics unit records the various control functions of the vehicle and immediately sends this packaged information through the mobile network to a safe storage area.

The parameters are sampled four times a second for 30 seconds before and after an incident and sent along with the details of the vehicle, driver, date and time.

Contextual Speeding

Contextual speeding works by comparing the vehicle’s actual speed against the legal speed at a given location. Each time a vehicle’s tracking unit reports in, the reported speed is compared to the legally posted speed at that location.

Panic Alarms

Give your drivers extra peace of mind with a panic alarm, installed in the cab, which when activated sends a pre-determined distress signal to the transport office, or to another pre-assigned location. Help to secure your drivers and the high value loads they are transporting.

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