Defence & Security

A commercial off the shelf (COTS) health and usage monitoring system (HUMS) designed to address the challenges of modern day fleet management

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A COTS Military Grade Solution

The optimisation of a fleet is of paramount importance, particularly in the current political and financial environment.

Our military grade solution is based on our widely used and proven commercial platform, designed to address the challenges of modern day fleet management. Efficiency is of paramount importance in the current political and financial climate and delivering an effective, optimised fleet is one way to achieve substantial results quickly.

HUMS technology arms fleet managers with the tools to make timely and accurate operational decisions, which support agile and flexible planning.

Increase Utilisation

Reduce the cost of running your fleet by ensuring all of your assets are being used as optimally as possible.

Accurate Fleet Visibility

On-board telematics technology provides real-time visibility of assets, their health status and how they have been used.

Improve Safety

Improve driving standards and reduce the number of incidents in the fleet.

Vehicle Tracking & Utilisation

Fleet performance analysis tools enable the user to identify health and usage trends, reduce operating costs, optimise service regimes and to get the most from a fleet, through-out its lifetime.

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Vehicle Health

Monitor data such as temperatures, pressures and engine indicators remotely in near real time, along with fault codes and dashboard warning lights. Vehicle condition reports then deliver accurate information on vehicle health, allowing proactive maintenance.

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Incident analysis uses an onboard recording function to link with the Microlise telematics solution. It records event information and is triggered by incidents such as harsh braking and rapid deceleration; or when the camera on-board is triggered.

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