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Our plant solution delivers the tools to ensure a secure fleet and lets you remotely monitor location and machinery health and usage

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Manage Your Fleet More Securely and Effectively

Already used worldwide in almost every country on Earth our solution can equip plant machinery to ensure its security, that assets are in good health and that they are being operated in accordance with service level agreements.  Increase uptime and accurately track hours of operation and maintenance history records. Critical machine alerts can also be set so that timely action can be taken when needed.

Secure Assets

Gain real time knowledge of every machine in your fleet to quickly pinpoint their wherabouts.

Better Maintenance

Intelligent maintenance scheduling, with access to full maintenance information, critical alerts and hours reporting provides the workshop with the full picture.

Increase Uptime

Desigend to give plant opeartors all of the tools to make their lives easier with fast and easy access to understand machinery is well maintained and safe.

Tracking & Utilisation

The tools to deliver complete operational efficiency by understanding the location of all the assets in your fleet.

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Equipment Health

Everything from machinery useage and working time, to service history, fuel levels, engine loads and idle times are instantly accessible.

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