Maximise Fleet Efficiency

Microlise tried and tested products help you to improve your fleet efficiency

Reduce Costs and Enhance Operational Efficiency

You’ll do more with less and reduce costs at the same time. From the telematics essentials, like mapping your fleet’s location and finding nearest vehicle; to fuel theft alerting, contextual speeding and other fleet event notifications, you’ll never be out of touch.

Do More With Less

Make every mile count and reduce the number of unnecessary miles driven each day.

Increase Vehicle Utilisation

Maximise fleet utilisation to increase your profit margin and ROI.

Reduce Turnaround Time

Geofence technology helps you to reduce delivery and collection times.

Full Fleet Visibility

Microlise provides you with full visibility of vehicle location, plus driver status in real-time and historically, through the latest mapping technology.

Visibility of the location of all assets, or groups of assets, delivers detailed information so that you can deploy resources in the most efficient way. A view of driver availability gives extra insight for planners when allocating resources.

Live Schedule Execution Updates

Microlise fleet efficiency products provide continuous visibility of all routes and their status so that you can focus on what’s important.

Through the Schedule Execution Board, you’ll gain instant visibility of all of your active vehicles, and how they are performing against plan with colour coding indicating early, on-time and late arrivals.

Improve Route Adherence

Through integration with third party optimisation tools and waypoint mapping, planned routes can be automatically fed directly into the driver’s Sat Nav device.

Turn by turn to ensure the driver follows the planned route, helping to cut out route deviation altogether.

Activity and Utilisation Reporting

Microlise provides business intelligence that allows you to assess the performance of your fleet and improve future performance.

Comprehensive activity and utilisation reporting gives you an accurate view of how your fleet is being used and how productive your drivers are.

Arrivals and Departure Boards

Effectively communicate live status to depots and customers with airport-style arrivals and departure notification boards.

This view gives further insight into the location and adherence to schedule of your fleet, whilst also becoming a focal point delivering useful live visibility to sites, depots and customers.

Plan Versus Actual

Get real-time visibility of your fleet vs plan and gain insight to enhance your planning, improving accuracy over time.

Through the reporting capability of the product, you can understand the actual routes taken vs those that were planned.