ClickCease Enhance CRM & Customer Communications with Microlise

Journey Management

Customer Communications

Everything about the CRM and customer communications functionality is designed with the customer service team in mind, with data presented in a useful and intuitive way

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Working With Industry Leaders

Proactively deliver the best customer experience

Accurate and clear information can be accessed easily to respond to queries and deal with issues proactively and quickly.

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Empower Customer Service Teams

Keep customer service teams fully informed, with easy access to all relevant information relating to customer deliveries.

Improve Customer Retention

Enhance the customer experience by keep your customers fully informed and by handling issues quickly and decisively.

Optimise SLA Compliance

With detailed customer views, your teams can ensure specific SLA requirements are met and take action when failure to do so may occur.

ETAs (Arrivals & Departure Board)

The Journey Management Arrivals and Departures Board accurately estimates time of arrival to customer sites and also provides visibility of incoming deliveries to reduce turnaround times.

Proactive Customer Management

Keep customer service teams informed about transport execution. The system flags deliveries that are likely to be late and gives your team the opportunity to notify customers or proactively rectify the problem.

Delivery Performance Reporting

A suite of reports are available to help analyse delivery performance, providing a breakdown of what percentage of deliveries were delivered on-time, claused or unsuccessful.

Customer Delivery Alerts

Geofences can be set around a destination site to trigger an SMS or email alert when a delivery is imminent.