Fleet Journey Management

Deliver proactive customer service by using fleet analytics to monitor the status of trips against schedule, in real-time

Journey Management & Fleet Analytics

With fleet mileage reporting you can debrief drivers by exception against route and schedule adherence and more effectively plan your operation. As well as reducing mileage run, by analysing your fleet’s activities you’ll also see a marked improvement in route selection, by making changes based on real world data. This enables you to review and compare what actually happened with what you had planned.

With a customer-centric approach, the modules are designed to help you deliver the very best customer experience by improving communications and even helping to identify and rectify problems before they’ve happened.

Schedule Management

Monitor, analyse and understand whether your fleet's planned schedule was adhered to and if not, why not. Monitor performance in real time and take action if required to improve your customers' experience.

Planning & Optimisation

Our Planning & Optimisation product supports operators to plan quickly and accurately to achieve a lower cost of completion. It offers a seamless interface with our products, particularly our Journey Management solution.

Route Management

Monitor planned versus actual routes taken and give your drivers the navigation tools they need. Reduce fuel costs and vehicle wear and tear by cutting out unnecessary mileage.

Customer Communications

Information about your transport operation designed with the customer service team in mind.