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Vehicle Health

Reduce vehicle downtime and improve the effectiveness of your fleet maintenance programme with the Microlise vehicle health reporting suite

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Vehicle & Fleet Maintenance

Engine indicators and Diagnostic Trouble Codes are transmitted over the air to give your workshop team full information about vehicle health.

Increase Vehicle Uptime

Microlise fleet maintenance software gives vehicle health information to engineers before the vehicle is even in the workshop. This reduces time spent waiting for parts.

Avoid Unexpected Disruption

With telemetry sent back to the workshop in near real-time, engine indicators can warn of imminent maintenance requirements before issues cause any disruption to service.

Improved Fleet Reliability

With a proactive approach to maintenance, based on real-world data rather than solely hours driven, your fleet will stay operational for longer.

Vehicle Health Reporting

Information relating to the health of the vehicle including fuel and AdBlue® levels, battery charge and trailer brake performance can be fed through to the Microlise system.

Vehicle Walkaround Checks

The customisable Microlise vehicle check feature can be deployed to ensure drivers undertake checks that comply with regulations and with company policy, and also highlights when a vehicle requires maintenance.

Vehicle Status Management

Vehicle information is displayed in the vehicle status bar including vehicle type, location data, ODO reading, speed and direction, and where applicable, temperature readings. Driver messages, camera footage and playback can also be activated from this screen.

Vehicle Maintenance

Our software supports the management of VOR but when TruTac is deployed, huge value is added. It delivers seamless planning and co-ordination of all vehicle maintenance and compliance in real-time. It also stores fleet maintenance records in a secure repository, for compliance purposes.