Fleet & Vehicle Telematics

Tracking & Utilisation

Vehicle tracking through telematics lets you instantly know the location of your fleet in real-time and retrospectively

Fleet Vehicle Tracking

You can understand how productive each vehicle is and identify when assets could be used more effectively and efficiently. Using the Microlise telematics vehicle tracking system, you can reduce turnaround times and ensure customers are ready and waiting, by automatically notifying contacts when your vehicles are approaching a location.

Gain Real-Time Fleet Visibility

Get proactive by understanding the location and status of your fleet. Respond to customer queries quickly.

Maximise Utilisation

Identify when vehicles are not being used as much as they could be and sweat your assets to increase return-on-investment.

Reduce Risk Of Asset Loss

Vehicle and trailer tracking delivers location visibility at all times, ensuring assets are not lost or misplaced.

Live Fleet Visibility

Instantly understand where all of the vehicles in your fleet are on a feature rich interactive map. View playback of journeys to see exactly where vehicles have been and with the proximity search, see what's available in a given location.

Vehicle Utilisation

View and download reports which tell you if any of your vehicles are not being used to their full potential. This helps you to understand how you can more effectively use your fleet, potentially reduce fleet size or take on more revenue earning work.


Place virtual markers to record when vehicles approach or leave a specific location; such as a depot or customer premises. Automated notifications can then alert the receiving team to ensure they are ready to minimise turnaround times.

Proximity Searches

Ever receive complaints about how your trucks are being driven? Now you can run a quick search to find out if any of your vehicles have been in the vicinity of a complaint helping you to get to the bottom of things quickly.

Historical Playback

Track back the location of your vehicles and see where they have been and which routes they have taken any time in the last 90 days. It's a complete audit trail that you know you will have access to without the need to go back through detailed journey logs.