Learn about our fleet management software and how it can help you to reduce costs, improve efficiency, safety and service levels, Whilst limiting your environmental impact

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Working With Industry Leaders

Connecting industries, driving change

Microlise creates a seamless eco-system around remote assets for fleet operators and product manufacturers, enabling you to monitor, manage and maintain your business.

Fleet Telematics

Maximise driver efficiency and ensure your vehicles are being operated at an optimum level with Microlise fleet telematics

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Safety, Health & Compliance

Is your fleet meeting and exceeding legal obligations? Do you have the systems in place to ensure the safety of your team operating out on the road and in the field? Use our safety, health and compliance products to ensure the maximum up-time of your fleet and safeguard your staff.

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Journey Management

As well as reducing unnecessary miles driven, you’ll also see an improvement in route selection enabled by the comparison of planned versus actual activity.

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Delivery Management

Remove inefficiency and variability from your operation with flexible workflows to take your team through a simple step by step process to capture specific information about delivery and collection operations without scope for variation.

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