Fleet Telematics

Fleet Tracking

Because we all live in the real world and plans can change, vehicle tracking provides you with detailed intelligence and visibility of the current and historical activity of your fleet

Fleet Vehicle Tracking

With real-time visibility of your fleet, you can reduce the likelihood of delays and improve customer communication. In the event of a complaint or accident, telematics data will also give an indication of what went wrong, and help to support driver debrief and training, reducing the likelihood of a repeat incident.

Real Time Visibility

Real time visibility helps improve your decision-making. Proactively identify the nearest vehicle, check it’s the right vehicle with the right equipment and the status of its driver to complete a rush order and improve customer service.

Asset Security

Vehicle and trailer tracking offers a greater level of asset and driver security. Receive alerts when a vehicle is moved outside of hours, from a specific location, or when trailer doors are opened. In more extreme cases of hijack or ill health, you’ll also be alerted when a driver hits their panic button.

Reduce Admin Time

Feature-rich and easy to navigate, our solution allows you to save time and make faster & smarter decisions.

Live Fleet Visibility

Our feature-rich map lets you see exactly where your fleet vehicles are, while our playback function lets you track where they have been. Quickly identify what resources you have in any given location, with our vehicle search function.


Virtual markers record when vehicles approach or leave specific locations, such as a depot or customer premises. Automated notifications minimise turnaround times by providing delivery alerts.

Proximity Searches

Ever receive complaints about how your trucks are being driven? Now you can run a search to identify if any of your vehicles were located in the vicinity of a complaint, so you can resolve matters effectively and efficiently.

Vehicle Information

Click on any vehicle on the map screen for a range of metrics including vehicle profile, trailer brake performance, battery levels and temperature status.

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