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With Microlise I think we have the perfect balance. They are developing new technologies and new solutions all the time, many of which are perfect for our customers.

David Lester, Head of Fleet Management, Fleet Management Services, MAN Truck & Bus UK

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The Challenge

In 2008, MAN Truck & Bus UK were seeking a telematics partner to offer a solution to its customer base. As a major player in the UK market, the company needed a reliable and innovative telematics partner that it could work with in the long term to develop the solution as the technology evolved.

The Approach

After having previously worked with two telematics partners, MAN conducted a detailed search of the market in order to find a partner that was both reliable and able to offer a market leading solution. The company wanted to find an established player, but one that was able to work with the team at MAN to develop the solution according to specific requirements and use cases.

The ability to white label a solution was key, in order to ensure that the MAN telematics offering would be in keeping with other services offered to customers.

The Result

After engaging with a number of providers, Microlise was selected at MAN’s telematics partner, due to the track record of Microlise in working with transport operators and hauliers and delivering clear return on investment. Microlise’s commitment to product research and development was also vital, with MAN able to work closely with the Microlise team to develop “Trucknology” – the MAN telematics offering.

From a driver perspective, Microlise and MAN worked together to produce an A-G rating system across a range of driver characteristics, such as harsh braking, harsh cornering and idling time. Customers were able to view reports of drivers, based on a set time period that could be anything from a particular journey or leg, to a longer time period.

These reports could also be used to aid driver training, allowing customers to manage by exception in terms of targeting training at drivers posting lower grades, either overall or for certain criteria. Drivers were also given access to these reports, allowing them to understand their own performance and develop their skills based on accurate data and insight.

The result of such insight was customers reporting improvements in fuel economy and safety, in addition to reductions in accidents and vehicle downtime.

Trucknology was also developed to deliver vehicle performance information, which provided customers with the ability to understand the utilisation of vehicles across the fleet. This led to customers being able to spot bottlenecks in schedules and increase fleet utilisation by taking the appropriate action.

From an MAN perspective, since its launch Trucknology has allowed the manufacturer to showcase the efficiency of its vehicles, and enhance the services offered to customers post-vehicle sale. This has helped MAN to build lasting relationships with customers, helping them to derive maximum value from the investment in MAN vehicles.

To date, over 13,000 telematics hardware units have been installed on MAN vehicles. Microlise and MAN continue to work closely together, with vehicle health set to become part of the Trucknology offering. This will allow MAN to proactively manage the maintenance of vehicles but understanding vehicle health before issues become apparent to customers.

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