Metcash Campbells Cash & Carry Selects Microlise Transport Management Solution

Campbells Cash & Carry is deploying a transport, delivery execution and mobility solution from Microlise that includes Fleet & Driver Performance, Journey Management and Proof of Delivery products for their wholesale food service and transport operation fleet.

Campbells has a proud history in the food and service industry dating back to 1933 and currently operates as part of Metcash, one of Australia’s leading wholesale distribution companies across food, grocery, hardware and the liquor sector.

In partnership with Microlise, Campbells is digitising its fleet to improve visibility and routing efficiency, enhance driver and customer communication and support better driving performance and safer, more compliant practices. The move to this solution will also see them migrate from legacy, paper-based processes to support more streamlined operations.

Driver performance data, collected via CANBus integration, support the whole team, with metrics across a range of behaviours that impact on safety, emissions, fuel usage and kilometres per litre, as well as on speeding, engine idling, gear operation, over-revving, harsh braking, use of cruise control and coasting. A tablet-based App also provides drivers with live performance indicators to support improved performance.

According to Scott Lock , National Transport Development Manager at Metcash, “By partnering with Microlise, and utilising this integrated solution, we are ensuring that we equip our fleet and drivers with best-in-class fleet management, compliance and mobility solutions that we trust will deliver a quantifiable ROI.

“The results of our proof of concept were compelling. We believe that the Microlise solution will support us as we work to increase operating performance and efficiency while protecting and supporting our drivers.”

“We are pleased to be providing Metcash and Campbells with our industry leading transport and technology solutions to help them manage, monitor and drive improved fleet efficiencies, safety outcomes and to enable digitisation that will future proof their transport and food service operations for years to come”, said Luke Olsen, Director of Sales, Asia-Pacific at Microlise.

Microlise is one of Europe’s largest technology, telematics and transport management solution providers, managing more than 500,000 active vehicle connections worldwide and with a well-established presence among grocery retail organisations and food logistics providers.


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