Foodstuffs North Island Takes Business to the Next Level with Transport Execution and Mobility Solutions from Microlise

Gareth McFarlane, Group Transport Manager at Foodstuffs North Island Limited, with Luke Olsen, Microlise Director of Sales – Asia Pacific.

Foodstuffs North Island is deploying the complete Microlise journey management and mobility solution across its transport operation, to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction, while reducing paperwork and streamlining collection and deliveries.

The Microlise journey management and fleet analytics solution, integrates fully with Foodstuffs’ existing planning tool, to provide compelling, real-time data and visibility of vehicles against planned routes and schedules, with airport-style arrival and departure boards highlighting the fleet’s progress in real-time.

The paperless Microlise Proof of Delivery (POD) reduces administration load, while creating and storing proof of delivery documentation. Additional features include driver communication, access to site notes and manifest information, job dispatch and schedule adherence.

Microlise has a well-established foothold in the retail sector, with its solutions already delivering value to some of the world’s largest companies and transport fleets – including Coles Online in Australia, and 14 of the UK’s 15 largest retailers.

According to Gareth McFarlane, Group Transport Manager for Foodstuffs North Island, “Microlise’s approach to logistics and telematics, and its digital investment, make it an excellent fit for us. We ran a successful Microlise journey management trial, and are confident we will quickly make a return on investment by delivering greater efficiencies.

“Fundamentally this helps us to provide the very best value and service for our customers – an objective which is always front and centre in any decision-making process.”

“Foodstuffs North Island has a keen focus on fleet efficiencies and customer service which is commendable,” said Luke Olsen, Microlise Director of Sales – Asia Pacific, “We are delighted to be providing additional tools to manage, monitor and add value, as the business continues to streamline and future-proof its operation.”