Delivery Management

Sub-Contractor Management

A feature-rich proof of delivery solution, available for android devices, smartpod makes it easy to manage sub-contractors

Proof of Delivery App

The App features a contract-based workflow configuration and a simple pay-as-you-go payment model. It seamlessly works alongside the Microlise Proof of Delivery solution to deliver the flexibility to appoint sub-contractors and retain visibility.

Ensure Total Delivery Visibility

Even when using temporary third parties, SmartPOD allows you to track and record all delivery operations.

Simple Installation & Set-Up

Available from Google Play Store, SmartPod ensures contracted third parties are set-up and ready to be productive from the off.

Manage Drivers Effectively

With tracking and task management functionality, you can manage drivers as easily as if they were your own.

Mobile App

The SmartPOD application is free to download from the Google Play Store for use with Android devices. It’s been designed to make it accessible for companies and drivers to adopt and use with ease, and delivers total visibility of your delivery operations.

Mobile Device Tracking

Alongside the core proof of delivery functionality, SmartPOD also features a number of journey planning tools including trip information, planned times, address information and location confirmation through GPS. It can provide live journey updates and links to Google Maps / Sat-Nav. These maps are only appropriate for use by light commercial vehicles.

Debrief by Exception

When something does go wrong in the delivery process you have complete visibility, quickly being able to ascertain what the problem was. For example, the sub-contractor could photograph any damage and save it against the delivery record.

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