LKQ Euro Car Parts Group Chooses Microlise Proof of Delivery For 3,100 Vehicles

LKQ Euro Car Parts Group Chooses Microlise Proof of Delivery For 3,100 Vehicles

LKQ Euro Car Parts, the UK’s largest distributor of parts for all makes of cars and LGVs, has selected Microlise to provide a full Journey Management and Proof of Delivery (POD) solution, to secure greater visibility of delivery operations and increase customer service levels and operational efficiency across its network of 3,100 vans.

SmartPOD, the mobile App of Microlise’s full Proof of Delivery (POD) product will be deployed to provide complete visibility of delivery operations and minimise supply chain challenges. Drivers will have access to delivery and consignment information via the Zebra TC77 device, with all delivery activities tracked electronically. Additional software features will also support task management, driver communication and provide access to site notes and manifest information.

Journey Management will help LKQ Euro Car Parts understand schedule adherence and trip status in real-time to deliver proactive customer service. It provides the business with the ability to monitor the performance of order delivery SLA against what actually happened both in real-time – on a schedule execution or via a customer service specific display – or by using historical data. It also provides the insight required to effectively debrief drivers by exception against route and schedule adherence while guided navigation helps drivers to use the most effective route which helps maximise the benefits of reduced mileage.

According to Tony Shearer, Branch Operations Director at LKQ Euro Car Parts “Our team has been impressed with Microlise’s integrated solution as it provides us with a robust and scalable option that will support us as we continue to future-proof our operation. We can already see the benefit of understanding where our assets are to improve both utilisation and customer experience.

“Our ultimate aim is to deliver the best customer service possible while maximising our planning, resourcing and communication capacity. We hope to free up management time by removing many manual processes and focus our resources where they are needed the most – on the customer journey.”

Speaking about the recent win, Nadeem Raza, Microlise Chief Executive Officer said: “We are pleased to be providing LKQ Euro Car Parts with additional tools to increase business efficiency and deliver improved levels of customer care.”

Microlise is one of Europe’s largest technology, telematics and transport management solution providers, working with 14 of the UK’s 15 largest retailers and managing more than 500,000 active vehicle connections worldwide.

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