Gilmours Deploys End-to-end Transport Solution from Microlise

Gilmours, the largest 100% New Zealand owned and operated wholesale food and beverage supplier, is deploying the complete Microlise journey management and mobility solution across its fleet of 100 plus vehicles this month, to support increased efficiency and visibility of its operation.  Gilmours has been transforming over the past few years, with an upgrade to their ecommerce platform and the introduction of tools such as Microlise to continue their growth in market share.  This year the Gilmours business has grown 13% YTD on last year.

The Microlise journey management and fleet analytics solution, will provide real-time data against planned routes and schedules to support improved customer service and better planning.

The paperless Microlise Proof of Delivery (POD) solution will support Gilmours drivers, providing detailed information throughout the delivery cycle including electronic POD data for deliveries and asset returns. Additional features include driver communication, access to site notes, documents and manifest information, job dispatch and schedule adherence.

Microlise has a well-established foothold in the retail sector, with its solutions already delivering value to some of the world’s largest companies and transport fleets – including Foodstuffs North Island, Coles Online in Australia, and 14 of the UK’s 15 largest retailers.

“Gilmours is proud of the service they deliver to their foodservice customers. The Microlise system will support increased productivity and efficiency and will also provide our drivers with the tools they need to carry out deliveries professionally, removing much of the administration and paperwork from our processes,” said Gemma McBeath, GM Wholesale and Customer Service, Gilmours.

“The enhanced visibility and insight that the Microlise system delivers will help us to improve route planning, reduce mileage, improve delivery on time and minimise turnaround times which will also support our ongoing environmental commitments. This is all part of our promise to be New Zealand’s most trusted and preferred foodservice partner, delivering customers’ orders when we say we will.”

“The Microlise team has made this transition a smooth one and we look forward to using the system to deliver greater efficiencies and improved customer interaction.”

“Gilmours, an operator of almost 100-years’ standing, holds a trusted position in local communities. Their success has hinged on them knowing how to best serve their customers” said Luke Olsen, Microlise Director of Sales – Asia Pacific, “We are delighted to be providing them with value-add solutions that will allow them to deliver greater operational efficiencies and an improved customer experience.”