Standing Out From The Technology & Telematics Crowd

The transport & logistics space is pretty crowded when it comes to technology. This makes it difficult to assess the value of one offering over another, or to find the ideal solution for your business when separate components, some of which may already be preinstalled, often come from different suppliers.

When a vehicle has been fitted with safety and tracking equipment, there is a significant amount of data available. Multiple cameras can record and transmit continuous footage when requested, while the telematics unit monitors real-time vehicle location, direction of travel, and driver behaviour such as harsh braking and over–zealous acceleration.

Data & Actionable Insights

When it comes to the data streaming out of vehicles and into a transport operation, quality rather than quantity is what counts. A joined-up and connected system, that shares targeted information in a quantity that won’t overwhelm teams, supports practical and strategic decision-making that improves safety and efficiency outputs.

Bringing data together to save time and money and protect assets on the road means that system components need to be able to talk to each other – and to a centralised unit.

One of the most important forms of data for transport operators is the information that flags exceptions rather than when business is running compliantly and smoothly. Only a small amount of data relates to issues and exceptions so relevant data must be filtered and presented in a usable way to help managers make decisions to improve their operation.

For the telematics provider, the onus is on them to design an integrated system that allows for information to be presented in a usable way and to be categorised, prioritised and cross-referenced where necessary, for issues to be addressed promptly.

For example if a near miss event is recorded, it’s important that footage from safety cameras can be downloaded and supplemented with driver behaviour data such as harsh braking, along with high-definition data gathered from the vehicle, in order to build a more granular and complete picture of what happened.

This information should also be stored in a single place so that key personnel can be notified immediately and access the data easily, allowing them to proactively manage situations as they unfold, resolve claims at speed and revisit footage and data and any notes made, if they need to in the future.

Our Integrated Solution

Microlise provides end-to-end telematics and transport management technology solutions that empower fleet operators to reduce costs, improve safety, efficiency and compliance, and support stronger driver performance and customer experience.

Supporting companies to manage fleets of all sizes, with complete visibility of your fleet and operation in real-time, you can analyse the data that matters, to maximise performance and utilisation, achieve a healthy ROI and support practical and sustainable business improvements.

Intelligent tools reduce administration and paperwork, which not only frees up time but also supports compliance and other reporting obligations. Fleet managers can ensure that they reap the benefits of a fully-integrated system that is greater than the sum of its parts.

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