Safety and Driver Wellbeing More Critical Than Ever In These Stressful Times

The Australian Trucking Association’s (ATA) has recently called for all for drivers to ‘double down on safety’. This comes after the NSW Police published dashcam footage of a dangerous driving incident on the Hume Highway at Menangle, involving a small truck and a ute travelling in the right hand lane of the highway.

As many of us are coping with increased levels of stress and pressure due to Covid-19, protecting drivers and other road users, while safeguarding fleet assets and company reputation has become more critical than ever.

At Microlise we’re committed to providing technology solutions that help operators manage and reduce risk to keep everyone safer on the road. Though the responsibility for safe driving is ultimately in the hands of the person behind the wheel, technology can help to combat risky behaviour, improve driver proficiency and better equip drivers with the skills they need to be safer on our roads.

By reducing idling, addressing poor driving habits, and rewarding good performance, operators can maintain a safer and more efficient fleet – while reducing fuel usage and the costs associated with vehicle wear and tear in the process.

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