Product Insight: ADR compliance and vehicle camera systems

Need an ADR compliant vehicle camera systems that also provides you with important protection from liability and reduces the likelihood of accidents and hefty insurance premiums? The Microlise multi-camera solution provides you with all you need to embed safety and compliance firmly into your operation.

The Product

The use of technology in vehicles when moving dangerous goods by road has long been a challenge for both technology providers and hauliers of dangerous goods alike. Any haulier transporting dangerous goods wishing to install vehicle technology must first check that it is compliant with the correct regulations. Whilst our telematics unit is already compliant and has been for some time, we’ve now introduced a compliant multi-camera solution.

Our camera solution includes a variety of options depending on what you need to achieve. Do you wish to simply record footage and request it over-the-air when needed to support a claim or to debrief a driver? Do you also need your cameras to be used as a driving aid to help drivers when manoeuvring on the road? Or are you aiming to secure certification such as Direct Vision Standards (DVS) or FORS?

Our camera options include forward facing and driver facing cameras. Nearside, offside and rear can be supplied as either high resolution or HD blind-spot cameras. Nearside sensors and audible alerts are also available where required. They’re fully integrated with the Microlise system meaning that users can request footage over-the-air via the map screens and through the Incident Analysis screen. Access can also be restricted so only a limited number of users can view footage, plus a full audit trail is available so you can easily see who has downloaded what.

What’s new…

The movement of dangerous goods by road is governed by international regulations and is strictly policed. Within Europe, most countries are signed up to ADR which allows for the free movement of dangerous goods across borders and each country ensures compliance with ADR through its own national legislation.

The ADR agreement states that apart from some excessively dangerous goods, other dangerous goods may be carried internationally in road vehicles subject to compliance with the conditions outlined around packaging and labelling and with regard to the construction, equipment and operation of the vehicle carrying the goods.

Microlise telematics units and wiring looms are ATEX approved meaning they are approved for use on vehicles operating within potentially explosive atmospheres. ADR on the other hand, encompasses far more than just in-vehicle technology.

Unlike ATEX approval, which is the responsibility of the manufacturer to acquire, accreditation for ADR compliance is secured and held by the operator. Microlise now provides a compliant solution for enabling operators to gain accreditation, which includes: provision for ADR wiring protocols – removal / adaptation of any hardware which holds a charge and appropriate isolation of electronic components and the use of UN recognised part codes for hazardous products within our ePOD applications.

Where a component is ATEX approved, it is deemed to be compliant with ADR requirements. However, where a component is not ATEX approved, sufficient amendments need to be made to ensure that the system can be completely isolated and the correct processes documented and put in place by the haulier in order to gain approval.

These processes are particularly important when a vehicle reaches its destination site. The Microlise camera system can be isolated at the flick of a switch, but any non ATEX approved mobile components such as in-cab devices where fitted, will need to be handed in at the gatehouse along with any other electronic equipment the driver has in-cab, such as the driver’s personal mobile phone, etc.

The Benefits…

Our camera system offers fleet operators a higher degree of self-protection –allowing them to view footage, establish liability quickly and decide on whether to challenge claims, especially where fraud is suspected. Having cameras in place (especially when integrated with telematics) often leads to safer driving, thereby lowering accident rates and insurance premiums. The knock on effect of safer driving and reduced accident rates also helps to keep your vehicles utilised more fully as they remain on the road rather than being grounded in the depot waiting for running repairs.

Blind-spot cameras offer some additional benefits. The ability to see what’s happening in blind-spots around the vehicle whilst manoeuvring on the road, particularly when turning left at junctions, means greater safety for vulnerable road users, especially cyclists and pedestrians, and demonstrates the safety culture of an organisation that takes road user wellbeing seriously.

As the camera system is fully integrated with Microlise telematics, footage is easily downloaded and stored within the system.

ADR compliant fleets can now realise all of the benefits of using an integrated multi-camera solution whilst transporting dangerous goods on the road.

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