Product Insight: A New Camera For The ClearVision Multi-Camera Solution

The Microlise ClearVision Multi-Camera Solution offers multiple camera options, which all come with over the air footage retrieval. The solution includes a number of risk reduction recording cameras for post-incident analysis along with blind-spot cameras with in-cab devices offering a driving aid plus post-incident retrieval and analysis.

The starter package includes the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and forward-facing camera. After that, customers can add additional cameras – up to six in total. Current risk reduction camera options include nearside, offside, driver facing and rear facing. By adding an in-cab screen for blind-spot options, you can also secure nearside, offside and rear facing visibility.

The key strength of the ClearVision Multi-Camera Solution is that it forms part of a wider Safety Module. All footage can be retrieved from the Microlise system and is stored securely for up to 12 months. With full integration of the Incident Data Recorder, high resolution vehicle data from immediately before and after an incident can be easily retrieved to support fast and efficient analysis and incident management.

What’s New…

Our new load facing risk reduction recording camera is the latest option available and offers users a post-event analysis view of a vehicle’s cargo compartment.

The load facing camera lets users retrieve footage from a cargo compartment for post incident analysis – for example, footage can be viewed to assess any impact that load integrity may have had. The footage can also be used for safety training and to illustrate best practice loading.

The camera is fitted at the front of the cargo compartment facing the rear of the vehicle. The domed construction affords both damage and tamper protection in terms of adjusting camera angle and view, though a standard internal camera option is also available if preferred.

The system boots up at vehicle ignition and begins to record footage. On ignition off, the system can be set to carry on recording for a given period – we would recommend around 30 minutes – to capture any events directly after the driver has left the vehicle.

The load facing camera is available for most vehicle types including vans, rigids and trailers.

The Benefits…

The new load facing camera provides yet another viewing and recording option adding to an already comprehensive camera solution. It can be used specifically to:

  • Analyse load integrity post an incident or event
  • support health and safety best practice training
  • provide an additional level of security – in particular, to guard against pilfering.

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Find out how our cost-effective, feature-rich Multi-Camera solution can support you and your business.

Request a Follow Up

Find out how our cost-effective, feature-rich Multi-Camera solution can support you and your business.