Planning & Optimisation Solution Shortlisted for Innovation Award in Prestigious UK-based Motor Transport Awards 2020

Microlise is delighted to be shortlisted for its Planning & Optimisation solution in the Motor Transport Awards 2020 – Innovation category. The Motor Transport Awards are one of the UK’s most prestigious industry awards and to be shortlisted among a host of other organisational heavyweights, highlights the importance of our new, integrated planning and optimisation solution.

Microlise provides world-leading solutions in the fleet performance, journey management and electronic proof of delivery space. In order to provide a seamless transport management solution, several third-party products have been used in the past, to ‘connect’ different segments of the transport operation. In response, we developed a fully Integrated Planning & Optimisation product which provides this critical missing link. When combined with our full telematics suite, it offers the only fully connected and integrated transport management solution currently in the marketplace.

The tool is in its infancy, but already delivers faster and more efficient routes than is currently available in the marketplace as well as providing the flexibility for users to adjust the package algorithm – to make manual adjustments when required.

The Microlise Planning & Optimisation solution is currently the only solution in the industry to seamlessly manage the process from planning, through tracking via its own tracking unit, onto execution and electronic proof of delivery while incorporating reporting across fleet performance and journey management solution.