About us

Our mission at Microlise is to support organisations to run their business more cost-effectively, compliantly and efficiently.

Our telematics, real-time journey management and proof of delivery solutions unlock profitability, simplify processes and strengthen safety and customer engagement, while reducing environmental impact.

Our business is supported by our culture which guides the way we behave, the way we work, the way we connect with our customers, and the way we support and develop our people.

Continuous improvement

We work to continuously improve our technologies and technical capabilities and invest significant resources in ongoing R&D.

At Microlise we believe that our development is never complete. By anticipating future technological trends, we continuously improve our systems, solutions and processes. Boasting a truly vertical organisation, we design, develop and manufacture all of the hardware, firmware and applications that support our growing national and international customer base.

Innovation underpins our business and supports the customer-focused solutions we develop year on year. In the course of our work, we acquire a significant volume of data and work to extract maximum value from this intelligence. Data analysis, integration and accurate interpretation are the key drivers of our technological innovation process. Our data science and research team actively partners with our customers across AI, IoT, Big Data and data analysis, to support improved business outcomes.

The complexity of our solutions calls for different competences and skills. The Microlise team is drawn from a diverse base of highly-skilled professionals who drive our multidisciplinary approach.


Our customers

Operating for over thirty years, we are a privately-owned business, based in Nottingham in the UK, and with offices in Europe, India and Australia.

We support 14 of the UK’s 15 largest retailers as well as JCB, MAN Truck & Bus UK and Tata Motors. We help our customers to cumulatively save millions of pounds on annual fuel costs, while reducing CO2 emissions by hundreds of thousands of metric tonnes.

Queen's Award for Enterprise

Microlise is the proud recipient of two concurrent Queen's Awards for Enterprise - International Trade in 2018 and Innovation in 2019.

Ethical Supply Chain Committment

Microlise is committed to ensuring its’ employees and those employed within its’ supply chain are not being exploited. Also, that they are safe, their income is in line with minimum wage legislation, or greater, and health and safety and human rights laws and international standards are adhered to, including freedom of movement and communications.

Read our Modern Slavery Statement for more information.